Psychopathology in Later Adulthood

Psychopathology in Later Adulthood

Whitbourne, Susan K.

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Introduction to Clinical Issues (S. Zarit & D. Haynie).

The Normal Aging Process (S. Whitbourne).

Assessment of Older Adult Psychopathology (B. Edelstein, etal.).

Personality Disorders (D. Segal, et al.).

Anxiety in Older Adults (F. Scogin, et al.).

Mood Disorders in Older Adults (D. King & H. Markus).

Sexual Dysfunctions in Later Life (C. Avina, et al.).

Schizophrenia and Related Disorders (S. Meeks).

Dementia (J. Corey-Bloom).

Suicide (P. Duberstein & Y. Conwell).

Substance Abuse Disorders (E. Lisansky-Gomberg).

Insomnia in Older Adults (B. Riedel & K. Lichstein).

General Principles of Therapy (G. Hinrichsen & L.Dick-Sisken).

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