Python For Dummies

Python For Dummies

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Introduction. Part I: Getting Started. Chapter 1: Introducing Python. Chapter 2: Getting Your Hands on the Keyboard: Using Help, Interactive Mode, and IDLE. Chapter 3: Basic Elements and Syntax. Chapter 4: Grand Tour of the Python Language. Chapter 5: Working Like a Programmer. Part II: Building Blocks. Chapter 6: So This String Walks into a Bar. Chapter 7: Counting Your Way to Fun and Profit. Chapter 8: Processing Lists and Tuples. Chapter 9: Diving into Dictionaries. Part III: Structures. Chapter 10: Staying in Control. Chapter 11: Fun with Functions. Chapter 12: Building Applications with Modules and Packages. Chapter 13: Getting Classy. Chapter 14: Introducing New-Style Classes. Chapter 15: Feeling Exceptional. Chapter 16: Tackling Some Advanced Features. Part IV: Libraries. Chapter 17: Using Python's Primary Services. Chapter 18: Processing Text. Chapter 19: Digging into Disk Data. Chapter 20: Accessing the Internet. Part V: The Part of Tens. Chapter 21: Ten Critical Python Idioms. Chapter 22: Ten Great Resources. Part VI: Appendixes. Appendix A: Getting and Installing Python. Appendix B: Python Version Differences. Index.
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