School-Based Play Therapy

School-Based Play Therapy

Drewes, Athena A.; Schaefer, Charles E.; Carey, Lois J.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd







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This A-to-Z guide for conducting play therapy in schools first introduces the topics, including multicultural concerns, a description of play instruments, and observational techniques, followed by chapters on how to construct portable play kits and set up a play space.
Preface. SCHOOL-BASED PLAY ASSESSMENT. Using Play Therapy Assessment in an Elementary and Intermediate School Setting (M. Schmidt). Sandplay and Assessment Techniques with Preschool-Age Children (A. Van Dyk & D. Wiedis). IMPLEMENTING PLAY THERAPY IN THE SCHOOLS. The Possibilities and Challenges in Using Play Therapy in Schools (A. Drewes). Play Objects and Play Spaces (A. Drewes). Play Therapy in a Special Education Preschool (P. Knoblauch). INDIVIDUAL PLAY THERAPY APPROACHES. Child-Centered Play Therapy for At-Risk Elementary School Children (P. Post). Sandplay Therapy in a Time-Limited School-Based Program (A. Pabon). Play Therapy in a Residential Treatment Center (D. Crenshaw & C. Foreacre). Theraplay? for Classrooms (D. Martin). GROUP PLAY THERAPY AND SPECIAL POPULATIONS. Crisis Intervention Activity Groups in the Schools (M. Lynn & D. Nisivoccia). Play Therapy for Children of Alcoholics (J. Emshoff & L. Jacobus). Playing the Unspeakable: Bereavement Programs in the School Setting (R. Griffin). Use of Play Therapy for Anger Management in the School Setting (B. Fischetti). Use of Developmentally Appropriate Games in a Child Group Training Program for Young Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (L. Reddy, et al.). ISSUES AND INNOVATIONS. Primary Mental Health Project: A School-Based Prevention Program (N. Wohl & A. Hightower). Developmental Considerations in Play and Play Therapy with Traumatized Children (A. Drewes). An Integrative Play Therapy Approach to Working with Children (M. Fall). Group Sandplay in Elementary Schools (T. Kestly). Innovative Applications of Play Therapy in School Settings (C. Reynolds & C. Stanley). Counselors Coaching Teachers to Use Play Therapy in Classrooms: The Play and Language to Succeed (PALS) Early, School-Based Intervention for Behaviorally At-Risk Children (W. Chaloner). Index.
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