Solving Discipline Problems

Solving Discipline Problems

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Chapter 1. Discipline, Teacher Power, and Systems of Management.SECTION I: RULES CONSEQUEENCES.Chapter 2. Behavior Analysis Model.Chapter 3. Tools for Teaching: Discipline, Instruction, and Motivation.Chapter 4. Assertive Discipline.SECTION II: CONFRONTING CONTRACTING.Chapter 5. Linda Albert s Cooperative Discipline and the Dreikurs/Adlerian Model.Chapter 6. Discipline with Dignity (Curwin/Mendler).Chapter 7. Love and Logic (Including Glasser).SECTION III: RELATIONSHIP LISTENING.Chapter 8. Teacher Effectiveness Training.SECTION IV: DESIGNING ONE S OWN MODEL OF DISCIPLINE.Chapter 9. Discipline Preferences (Matching Philosophy, Values and Discipline Practices).SECTION V: PRO ACTIVE OR PREVENTIVE MODELS.Chapter 10. Peer Mediation.Chapter 11. The Judicious Discipline Model (Moral/Ethical Considerations).Chapter 12. Skillstreaming Teaching Prosocial Skills.SECTION VI: VIOLENCE, GANGS, AND LEGAL ACTIONS.Chapter 13. Managing Student Violen t Assaults, and Breaking Up Student Fights.SECTION VII: CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT.Chapter 14. Evertson, Emmer and Wang.SECTION VIII: WORKING WITH FAMILIES.Chapter 15. Parents: Difficulties, Problems, and the Teacher s Methods of Responding.Appendix: Classroom Discipline Situations.Glossary.
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