Specifying Interiors 2e - A Guide to Construction and FF&E for Residential and Commercial Interiors Projects

Specifying Interiors 2e - A Guide to Construction and FF&E for Residential and Commercial Interiors Projects

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Preface. Chapter 1: Interiors Projects. INTRODUCTION TO COMMERCIAL INTERIORS PROJECTS. A BRIEF HISTORY. BASE BUILDING AND TENANT IMPROVEMENTS. The Lease and the Work Letter. MEASURING COMMERCIAL OFFICE SPACE. Contract Documents for Commercial and Residential Interiors. The Contract for Commercial Construction. The Contract for Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment (FF&E). LAWS THAT AFFECT THE CONTRACTS FOR INTERIORS PROJECTS. Sources of U.S. Law. CONTRACT LAW AND COMMERCIAL LAW. Sales Contracts and Services Contracts. Differences Between Contract Law and Commercial Law Warranties. Warranties. CUSTOM AND STANDARD CONTRACT DOCUMENT FORMS. Residential Contract Forms. Standard Commercial Contract Forms. SPECIFICATIONS. Types of Specifications. Specification Formats. Specification Information Classification. Specification Section Organization. Specification Page Organization. Division 1-General Requirements. Chapter 2: Regulations, Codes, and Standards. FEDERAL REGULATIONS. Building Codes. Other Regulations Affecting Interior Design. Fire Codes. STANDARDS. FLAMMABILITY STANDARDS. Flammability Standards for Construction Materials and Assemblies. FLAMMABILITY STANDARDS FOR FLOOR COVERINGS. Methenamine Pill Test. FLAMMABILITY STANDARDS FOR WALL FINISHES. Room Corner Test. FLAMMABILITY STANDARDS FOR WALL AND CEILING OR FLOOR AND CEILING ASSEMBLIES. Wall or Floor and Ceiling Assembly Test. FLAMMABILITY STANDARDS FOR DOOR ASSEMBLIES. Door Assembly Test. FLAMMABILITY STANDARDS FOR FURNITURE. Cigarette Ignition Resistance Test for Furniture Composites. FLAMMABILITY STANDARDS FOR FURNISHINGS. Vertical Ignition Test. Flammability Standards for Fabric. ACCESSIBILITY REGULATIONS. The History of Accessible Design and Civil Rights. ADA and FHAA Design Requirements. Interior Accessible Routes. Accessible Toilet Rooms. Plumbing Fixture Standards. Accessible Kitchens. Chapter 3: Building Systems and Performance. STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS. Wood. Masonry. Steel. Concrete. HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEMS. Electric Systems. Hydronic Systems. Forced Air Systems. THERMAL PERFORMANCE OF BUILDINGS. Methods of Heat Transfer. MOISTURE CONSIDERATIONS IN A BUILDING. Dew Point and Condensation. ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE OF A BUILDING. Sound Absorption. Noise Isolation. Chapter 4: Materials. SUSTAINABLE DESIGN. Green Design. Sustainable Product and Material Selection. Green Buildings. METALS. Dissimilar Metals. Metal Finishes. Nonferrous Metals. Copper. Ferrous Metals. WOOD. Solid Wood. Pressure-Treated Lumber. Wood Composite Panels. Sustainability and Environmental Impact. Wood Veneer. Wood Finishing. PLASTICS. The Components of Plastics. Thermoplastics. Thermosets. Sustainability and Environmental Impact. GLASS. Float Glass. Heat-Treated Glass. Safety Glass. Wired Glass. Fire-Rated Glass and Glazing. Laminated Glass. Cast Glass. Low-Iron Glass. Frosted Glass. Antireflective Glass. Glass Used as Railings. Sealing Glass Joints. Sustainability and Environmental Impact. TEXTILES AND LEATHER. Fibers. Natural Fibers. Synthetic Fibers. Fabric Construction. Fabric Wear Resistance. Sustainability and Environmental Impact. Leather. Leather Surface Treatments. Chapter 5: Construction Materials. WALL FINISHES. Gypsum Board. Gypsum Board Assemblies. Plaster. Sustainability and Environmental Impact. Paints and Coatings. Wallcoverings. Upholstered Wall Systems. CEILING FINISHES. Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG). Acoustic Ceilings. Acoustic Concerns. FLOOR FINISHES. Flooring Selection Considerations. Ceramic Tile. Terrazzo. Wood Flooring. Plastic Laminate Flooring. Bamboo Flooring. Stone. Vinyl Flooring. Rubber Flooring. Linoleum. Cork. Resilient Flooring Accessories. Carpet and Carpet Tile. DOORS AND DOOR HARDWARE. Wood Doors. Steel Doors. Door Hardware. Chapter 6: Furniture and Furnishings. CASEWORK. Custom Casework. Prebuilt Casework. Countertops. FILE CABINETS. Seating. Seating for Work. Upholstered Seating. SYSTEMS FURNITURE. Wire and Cable. WINDOW TREATMENTS. SHADING FROM SOLAR HEAT GAIN. Insulation from Heat Loss. Blinds. Shades. Draperies. Appendix A: AIA Document B171 ID. STANDARD FORM OF AGREEMENT BETWEEN OWNER AND ARCHITECT FOR ARCHITECTURAL INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES. Appendix B: AIA Document A275 ID. GENERAL CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT FOR FURNITURE, FURNISHINGS AND EQUIPMENT. Appendix C: AIA Document A175 ID. STANDARD FORM OF AGREEMENT BETWEEN OWNER AND VENDOR FOR FURNITURE, FURNISHINGS AND EQUIPMENT. Appendix D: Uniform Commercial Code, Article 2 (Abridged). Glossary. Index.
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