Sports Science - 40 Goal-Scoring, High-Flying, Medal-Winning Experiments for Kids

Sports Science - 40 Goal-Scoring, High-Flying, Medal-Winning Experiments for Kids

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Introduction. How to Use This Book. Being a Good Scientist. Increasing Your Understanding. Using This Book to Do a Science Fair Project. A Word of Warning. 1 Getting in the Zone: Starting Right. Project 1: Think Fast. Project 2: On the Level. Project 3: Dreaming of Greatness. Project 4: Cross Over. Project 5: Learning New Tricks. 2 Flying High!: Ball Sports. Project 1: Throw It Higher. Project 2: Throw It Farther. Project 3: Curveball. Project 4: Stable Spin. Project 5: Dimples. Project 6: Heading Right. Project 7: Soft Bounce. Project 8: Follow the Bouncing Ball. Project 9: Fuzz Ball. Project 10: The Big Mo. 3 Slipping and Sliding:Blade, Ski, and Board Sports. Project 1: Skating on Thin Ice. Project 2: Speedy Spin. Project 3: Taking Off. Project 4: Giving Them the Slip. Project 5: Stable Base. 4 Rolling Right Along: Wheel Sports. Project 1: Turning Around. Project 2: Gearing Up. Project 3: Caught in the Draft. Project 4: Keep on Rolling Along. Project 5: Pumping. Project 6: Jump into History. 5 Splish, Splash: Water Sports. Project 1: Water Skin. Project 2: Riding the Waves. Project 3: Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Project 4: Shapes and Speed. Project 5: Sailing into the Wind. Project 6: Down Under. Project 7: Swim Like a Shark. 6 Jumping, Climbing, Frisbee, and More:Other Fun Sports. Project 1: Skydiving. Project 2: High Jumping. Project 3: The Frisbee. Project 4: Climbing High. Project 5: Climbing to the Top. Project 6: Sweet Spot. Project 7: The Chop. Glossary. Index.
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winner; behind; headfirst; science; secret; ball; soccer; metal; ice; blades; skates; wind; boat; balance; gymnast; freethrow; shark; ideas; next science; questions; basketball; discover; favorite; activities; dozens; batter