Stink Bugs, Stick Insects, and Stag Beetles

Stink Bugs, Stick Insects, and Stag Beetles

And 18 More of the Strangest Insects on Earth

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STRANGE INSECTS YOU CAN PROBABLY FIND. Monarch Butterflies. Ants and Aphids. Periodical Cicadas. Stink Bugs. Caddisfly Larvae. Burying Beetles. Backswimmers. STRANGE INSECTS YOU MIGHT FIND. Hover Flies. Stick Insects. Stag Beetles. Assassin Bugs. Dung Beetles. Robber Flies. Giant Water Bugs. STRANGE INSECTS YOU PROBABLY WON'T FIND. Leafcutter Ants. Madagascan Giant Hissing Roaches. Bot Flies. Army Ants. Bombardier Beetles. Honey Ants. Tsetse Flies.
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