Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

Applied Human Resources

Walker, John R.; Drummond, Karen Eich; Miller, Jack E.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd







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Provides comprehensive coverage of the principles, theories, human relations techniques, and decision making skills that are required to manage a workforce to profitable results. This book helps managers satisfy obligations to owners, customers, and employees while maintaining a positive work climate and developing job expectations.
Preface. Part 1: Supervision and HR Management and Leadership. Chapter 1: The Supervisor as Manager. Chapter 2: The Supervisor as Leader. Part 2: The Workplace. Chapter 3: Equal Opportunity in the Workplace. Chapter 4: Creating a Positive Work Climate. Chapter 5: Developing Performance Standards. Chapter 6: Recruiting and Selecting Applicants. Part 3: Employee Development. Chapter 7: Teamwork and Teambuilding. Chapter 8: Employee Training and Development. Chapter 9: Evaluating Performance. Chapter 10: Discipline and Employee Assistance Programs. Part 4: Supervising Human Resources. Chapter 11: Planning and Organizing. Chapter 12: Communicating Effectively. Chapter 13: Delegating. Chapter 14: Decision Making and Control. Glossary. Index.
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