Survey Nonresponse

Survey Nonresponse

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Contributors. Preface. PART I. PERSPECTIVES ON NONRESPONSE. Survey Nonresponse in Design, Data Collection, and Analysis (D. Dillman, et al.). Developing Nonresponse Standards (T. Smith). Trends in Household Survey Nonresponse: A Longitudinal and International Comparison (E. de Leeuw and W. de Heer). Culture and Survey Nonresponse (T. Johnson, et al.). To Answer or Not to Answer: Decision Processes Related to Survey Item Nonresponse (P. Beatty and D. Herrmann). The Causes of No-Opinion Response to Attitude Measures in Surveys: They Are Rarely What They Appear to Be (J. Krosnick). PART II: IMPACTS OF SURVEY DESIGN ON NONRESPONSE. The Influence of Interviewers' Attitude and Behavior on Household Survey Nonresponse: An International Comparison (J. Hox and E. de Leeuw). Persuading Reluctant Recipients in Telephone Surveys (W. Dijkstra and J. Smit). The Effects of Extended Interviewer Efforts on Nonresponse Bias (P. Lynn, et al.). Effect of Item Nonresponse on Nonresponse Error and Inference (R. Mason, et al.). The Use of Incentives to Reduce Nonresponse in Household Surveys (E. Singer). The Influence of Alternative Visual Designs on Respondents' Performance with Branching Instructions in Self-Administered Questionnaires (C. Redline and D. Dillman). PART III: NONRESPONSE IN DIVERSE TYPES OF SURVEYS. Evaluating Nonresponse Error in Mail Surveys (D. Moore and J. Tarnai). Understanding Unit and Item Nonresponse in Business Surveys (D. Willimack, et al.). Nonresponse in Web Surveys (V. Vehovar, et al.). Nonresponse in Exit Polls: A Conprehensive Analysis (D. Merkle and M. Edelman). Nonresponse in the Second Wave of Longitudinal Household Surveys (J. Lepkowski and M. Couper). PART IV: STATISTICAL INFERENCE ACCOUNTING FOR NONRESPONSE. Weighting Nonresponse Adjustments Based on Auxiliary Information (J. Bethlehem). Poststratification and Weighting Adjustments (A. Gelman and J. Carlin). Replication Methods for Variance Estimation in Complex Surveys with Imputed Data (J. Shao). Variance Estimation from Survey Data under Single Imputation (H. Lee, et al.). Large-Scale Imputation for Complex Surveys (D. Marker, et al.). A Congenial Overview and Investigation of Multiple Imputation Inferences under Uncongeniality (X. Meng). Multivariate Imputation of Coarsened Survey Data on Household Wealth (S. Heeringa, et al.). Modeling Nonignorable Attrition and Measurement Error in Panel Surveys: An Application to Travel Demand Modeling (D. Brownstone, et al.). Using Matched Substitutes to Adjust for Nonignorable Nonresponse through Multiple Imputations (D. Rubin and E. Zanutto). Using Administrative Records to Impute for Nonresponse (E. Zanutto and A. Zaslavsky). Imputation for Wave Nonresponse: Existing Methods and a Time Series Approach (D. Pfeffermann and G. Nathan). Diagnostics for the Practical Effects of Nonresponse Adjustment Methods (J. Eltinge). References. Index.
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