Techniques for Reducing Pesticide Use

Techniques for Reducing Pesticide Use

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Pimentel, David

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Partial table of contents:

Pest Management in Agriculture (D. Pimentel).

Environmental Ethics and Pesticide Use (H. Lehman).

Environmental and Socio-Economic Costs of Pesticide Use (D. Pimentel & A. Greiner).

Host-Plant Resistance to Insect Pests (H. van Emden).

What is Durable Resistance?

A General Outline (J. Parlevliet).

Benefits of Minimum Pesticide Use in Insect and Mite Control in Orchards (T. Edland).

IPM Practices for Reducing Fungicide Use in Field Crops (K. Bailey).

IPM Techniques for Greenhouse Crops (J. Grant).

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