Anti-Aging Solution

Anti-Aging Solution

5 Simple Steps to Looking and Feeling Young

Giampapa, Vincent; Pero, Ronald; Zimmerman, Marcia

John Wiley and Sons Ltd







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A book that shows you how to eat and live within your genetic blueprint so that you do not age quickly and so that your genes do not mutate and develop disease. Moreover, the book shows you how to help repair damage to your DNA.
Foreword by Nicholas Perricone, M.D; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Part ONE: Your Aging Equation; 1. Finding Your Personal Aging Equation. How Quickly Are You Aging? Mind/Body Connection in Aging. Stress and Immune Response. Stress and Inflammation. C-Reactive Protein: Something Worse Than Cholesterol? Infection as a Basis for Cardiovascular Disease. Using This Information; 2. How Aging Occurs. Aging and Your Genes. DNA, Genes, and Chromosomes. Why Enzymes Are Important. Why Do We Age? Apoptosis: A Two-Edged Sword in Aging. Why You Need a Range of Antioxidants. Enhancing Genetic Repair. Reining in Runaway Inflammation; Part TWO: The Anti-Aging Solution 5-Step Plan. 5 Easy Steps to Looking and Feeling Young; 3. Step 1: Reduce Your Stress. What is Stress? What Does Stress Do to Your Cells? Effects of Stress on Your Brain and Body. Action Steps: How to Control Stress; 4. Step 2: Nourish Your Genes. A Festival of Food. The Disappearing Family Meal. Portion Size A Call to Action. Eating Our Way to Premature Aging. Healthy Eating. The Sugar Trap. Protein and Enzyme Damage. Effects of Insulin. Aging, Cognitive Function, and Obesity. Nutrition and Immunity. Action Steps: Nourish Your Genes. Hidden and Dangerous Fats. Special Considerations. Diet and Pain. Implementing the Anti-Aging Eating Plan; 5. Step 3: Exercise Your Genes. The Anti-Aging Workout. The Anti-Aging Exercise Prescription. Breathing Exercises. Warm-Up Exercises. Flexibility and Stretching Exercises. Advantages of Exercising at Home. Exercises for the Workplace. Anti-Aging Walking. Why Overtraining Ages You. Aerobic Exercise. Anaerobic Exercise. American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines. Resistance Training with Pilates. Exercise, Mood, and Behavior; 6. Step 4: Supplement Your Genes. Micronutrient Deficiency and DNA Damage. Zeroing in on Molecular Targets. Anti-Aging Nutraceutical Supplements. Reducing Oxidative Stress. Decreasing DNA Damage in Mitochondria. Enhancing DNA Repair. Improving Immune Function and Blocking Inflammation. Optimizing Gene Expression. Prescription Summary. Hormones as Molecular Targets; 7. Step 5: Make Over Your Skin and Body. Hormones and Your Skin. Endocrine Disrupters. Sun Damage and Its Effects. Internal Effects of Skin Damage. Nutrition and Your Skin. Topical Makeovers. Liposomal Hormone Balancing. Melatonin,Your Hormonal Time Keeper. Stories Your Face and Body Tell. Prescription for Skin and Body Makeover. Conclusion. Take Charge Today. The Anti-Aging Solution Series. The Future of Anti-Aging Medicine; Appendix A: Anti-Aging Home Testing. Serum Thiol Test: A Measure of Longevity. F2-Isoprostane Test for Oxidative Burden. Saliva Tests for Hormones. Anti-Aging Stress Panel. Competitive Athlete Panel. Costs for the Tests. How Do I use These Test Results? Tests Requested by Your Physician; Appendix B: Subjective Questionnaire; Appendix C: Resources; References; Glossary; Index.
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