Great Fire of London

Great Fire of London

In That Apocalyptic Year, 1666


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Glossary. Acknowledgments. Preface. 1. Repent or Burn. 2. The Hellish Design. 3. The Lodge of All Combustibles. 4. A Lake of Fire. 5. A Hideous Storm. 6. Outlandish Men. 7. A Sign of Wrath. 8. The Fires of Hell. 9. Clamor and Peril. 10. Firestorm. 11. A Dismal Desert. 12. The Fatal Contrivance. 13. The Duke of Exeter's Daughter. 14. The Triple Tree. 15. The Wastelands. 16. Dust to Dust. Notes. Bibliography. Illustration Credits. Index.
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The Great Fire of London; Neil Hanson; 1666; London; England History; World History; narrative history; London History; British history; famous disasters; great disasters; London fire; 17th century history; great fire; The Dreadful Judgement; In That Apocalyptic Year