PDMA ToolBook for New Product Development

PDMA ToolBook for New Product Development

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Contricutors. Introduction. PART 1: PROJECT LEADER TOOLS TO START THE PROJECT. Fuzzy Front End: Effective Methods, Tools and Techniques (P. Koen, et al.). Hunting for Hunting Grounds: Forecasting the Fuzzy Front End (C. Miller). Telephoning Your Way to Compelling Value Propositions (G. Castellion). Focusing NPD Research on Customer-Perceived Value (C. Miller and D. Swaddling). PART 2: PROJECT LEADER TOOLS TO USE ANYTIME. Product Champions: Crossing the Valley of Death (S. Markham). Managing Product Development Teams Effectively (R. Leenders, et al.). Decision Making: The Overlooked Competency in Product Development (M. Deck). How to Assess and Manage Risk in NPD Programs: A Team Based Approach (G. Githens). PART 3: PROCESS OWNER TOOLS. Capturing Employee Ideas for New Products (C. Gorski and E. Heinekamp). Lead User Research and Trend Mapping (L. Meadows). Technology Stage Gate(TM): A Structured Process for Managing High Risk New Technology Projects (G. Ajamian and P. Koen). Universal Design: Principles for Driving Growth into New Markets (J. Mueller and M. Story). PART 4: PORTFOLIO TOOLS. Portfolio Management: Fundamental to New Product Success (R. Cooper, et al.). Assessing the Health of New Product Portfolio Management: A Metric for Assessment (R. Meltzer). Risk Management: The Program Manager's Perspective (D. Dunham). Process Modeling in New Product Development (P. Bunch and G. Blau). The PDMA Glossary for New Product Development. Index.
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