Practical Guide to Project Management Documentation +CD

Practical Guide to Project Management Documentation +CD

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Preface. Introduction. The Importance of Documents. Standards. The Documentation Plan. The Case Study Project. The Order and Necessity of the Documents. Items Not included in the Examples. PART I: INITIATION PHASE DOCUMENTS. Chapter1. Project Concept. Project Concept-- Discussion. Project Concept Outline. Project Concept -- Example. Chapter 2. Business Case. Business Case -- Discussion. Business Case Outline. Business Case -- Example. Annex A. Water Park Cash Flow Analysis. Chapter 3. Project Charter. Project Charter -- Discussion. Project Charter -- Outline. Part 1. Project Governance. Part 2. Project Details. Project Charter -- Example. Annex A. Summary WBS and Schedule. Annex B. Financial Estimates. Annex B. Financial Estimates. Annex C. Risk Assessment. Annex D. Conceptual Design. Chapter 4. Proposal. Request for Proposal -- Discussion. Request for Proposal Outline. Proposal Evaluation Plan. Proposal Evaluation Plan Outline. Request for Proposal -- Example. Proposal -- Discussion. Proposal Outline. Proposal -- Example. Proposal Evaluation. Proposal Evaluation -- Discussion. Proposal Evaluation Outline. Proposal Evaluation -- Example. PART II: PLANNING PHASE DOCUMENTS. Chapter 5. Project Plan. Project Plan -- Discussion. Project Plan Outline. Project Plan -- Example. Chapter 6. Communications Plan. Communications Plan -- Discussion. Communications Plan Outline. Communications Plan -- Example. Chapter 7. Risk Management Plan. Risk Management Plan -- Discussion. Risk Management Plan Outline. Risk Management Plan -- Example. Annex A. Water Park Risk Description Forms. Annex B. Water Park Risk Management Summary. Chapter 8. Quality Management Plan. Quality Management Plan -- Discussion. Quality Management Plan Outline. Quality Management Plan -- Example. Annex A. Manual of Project Procedures. Chapter 9. Procurement Plan. Procurement Plan -- Discussion. Procurement Plan Outline. Procurement Plan -- Example. Annex A. Architectural Design Detailed Evaluation Criteria. Annex B. WBS and Procurement Schedule for Detailed Architectural Design Services. Chapter 10. Acceptance Test Plan. Acceptance Test Plan -- Discussion. Acceptance Test Plan Outline. Annex A. Acceptance Test Schedule. Annex B. Acceptance Test Method and Results. Acceptance Test Plan -- Example. Annex A. Acceptance Test Schedule. Annex B. Acceptance Test Method and Results. PART III: EXECUTION PHASE DOCUMENTS. Chapter 11. Project Meetings and Reports. Team Status Meeting. Team Status Meeting -- Discussion. Minutes of Team Status Meeting -- Example. Project Progress Meeting. Project Progress Meeting -- Discussion. Status Report. Project Status Report -- Discussion. Status Report Outline. Status Report -- Example. Annex A. Tracking Gantt Chart. Annex B. Financial Report. Chapter 12. Risk Control Report. Risk Control Report -- Discussion. Risk Control Report Outline. Risk Control Report -- Example. Annex A. Project Risk Table. Annex B. Risk Management Summary Table. Chapter 13. Quality Assurance and Quality Control Reports. Quality Assurance and Quality Control Reports -- Discussion. Quality Assurance Report Outline. Quality Control Report Outline. Quality Assurance Report -- Example. Quality Control Report -- Example. Chapter 14. Problem Report and Change Request. Problem Report and Change Request -- Discussion. Problem/Issue Management. Change Management. Problem Report and Change Request -- Example. Change Order Form -- Example. Chapter 15. Acceptance Report. Acceptance Report -- Discussion. Acceptance Report Outline. Acceptance Report -- Example. PART IV: CLOSING PHASE DOCUMENTS. Chapter 16. Post Project Report. Post--Project Report -- Discussion. Post--project Report Outline. Post--Project Report -- Example. Chapter 17. Conclusion. Appendix: About the CD--ROM. Index.
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