SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood Literacy

SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood Literacy


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PART ONE: PERSPECTIVES ON EARLY CHILDHOOD LITERACY The Emergence of Early Childhood Literacy - Julia Gillen and Nigel Hall Post-Colonial Perspectives on Early Childhood Literacy - Radhika Viruru Gender and Early Childhood Literacy - Elaine Millard and Petula Bhojwani Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Literacy: The Sociocultural Influence and New Directions in Digital and Hybrid Mediation - Aria Razfar and Kris Gutierrez Play, Literacies and the Converging Cultures of Childhood - Karen E. Wohlwend Policy-Making in Early Childhood Literacy: Pathways to Equity for All Children - Cecelia Rios-Aguilar Disability and Early Childhood: The Importance of Creating Literacy Opportunities and Identities - Martha Mock and Susan Hildenbrand PART TWO: EARLY CHILDHOOD LITERACY IN FAMILIES, COMMUNITIES, AND CULTURES ACROSS MEDIA AND MODES Researching Young Children's Out-of-School Literacy Practices - Tamara Spencer, Michele Knobel, and Colin Lankshear The Out-of-School Schooling of Literacy - Eve Gregory and Charmian Kenner Agency, Authority and Action in Family Literacy Scholarship: An Analysis of the Epistemological Assumptions Operating in Family Literacy Scholarship - Catherine Compton-Lilly and Beth Graue with Rebecca Rogers Research Issues in Family Literacy - Greg Brooks and Peter Hannon Early Childhood Literacy and Popular Culture - Jackie Marsh Film and Television - Muriel Robinson and Margaret Mackey Critical Indigenous Literacies - Debbie Reese Artifactual Literacies - Kate Pahl and Jennifer Rowsell Space, Place and Early Childhood Literacy - Sue Nichols and Helen Nixon Multimodal Perspectives on Early Childhood Literacies - Rosie Flewitt PART THREE: EARLY MOVES IN LITERACY Moving into Literacy: How It All Begins - Lesley Lancaster Perspectives on Making Meaning: The Differential Principles and Means of Adults and Children - Gunther Kress Reading Policy: Evidence versus Power - Gerald Coles Becoming Biliterate - Charmian Kenner and Eve Gregory Early Reading Development - Dominic Wyse and Usha Goswami Young Children's Literary Meaning-Making: A Decade of Research 2000-2010 - Caitlin McMunn Dooley, Miriam Martinez, and Nancy L. Roser Textbooks and Early Childhood Literacy - Allan Luke, Victoria Carrington and Cushla Kapitzke Recent Trends in Research on Young Children's Authoring - Deborah Wells Rowe The Development of Spelling - Patricia L. Scharer and Jerry Zutell PART FOUR: LITERACY IN PRE-SCHOOL SETTINGS AND SCHOOLS The Place of Childhoods in School Writing Programs: A Matter of Ethics - Anne Haas Dyson Talk and Discourse in Formal Learning Settings - Joanne Larson and Shira M. Peterson Effective Literacy Teaching in the Early Years of School: A Review of Evidence - Kathy Hall Creating Positive Literacy Learning Environments in Early Childhood: Engaging Classrooms, Creating Lifelong Readers, Writers and Thinkers - Eithne Kennedy Towards Knowing Well and Doing Well: Assessment and Early childhood Education - Sharon Murphy Learning, Literacies and New Technologies: The Current Context and Future Possibilities - Cathy Burnett and Guy Merchant Critical Literacy in the Early Years: Emergence and Sustenance in an Age of Accountability - Barbara Comber PART FIVE: RESEARCHING EARLY CHILDHOOD LITERACY Methodologies in Research on Young Children and Literacy - David Bloome, Laurie Katz, Huili Hong, Patricia May-Woods and Melissa Wilson Methodologies of Early Childhood Research - Marjorie Faulstich Orellana and Karisa Peer Index
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digital literacies;QTS students;CPD students;early years education