SAGE Handbook of Human Geography, 2v

SAGE Handbook of Human Geography, 2v

Lee, Roger; Lawson, Victoria; Radcliffe, Sarah; Withers, Charles W. J.; Philo, Christopher Philo; Kitchin, Rob; Paasi, Anssi; Roberts, Susan M.; Castree, Noel

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Part I: Imagining Human Geographies
Place - Tim Cresswell
Mobilities - Johanna Waters
Spatialities - Jacques Levy
Difference - Katharyne Mitchell
More-than-Human Geographies - Beth Greenough
Society-Nature - Andrea Nightingale
Transformations - Dan Clayton
Critique - Alastair Bonnett
Geo-historiographies - Trevor Barnes
Part II: Practising Human Geographies
Capturing (GIS) - Matt Wilson and Sarah Elwood
Noticing - Eric Laurier
Representing - Anna Barford
Writing (somewhere) - Juliet Fall
Researching - Meghan Cope
Producing - Mia Gray
Engaging - Jane Wills
Educating - Avril Maddrell and Jenny Hill
Advocacy - Audrey Kobayashi
Part III: Living Human Geographies
Ethics - Elizabeth Olson
Economy - Marianna Pavlovskaya and Kevin St Martin
Society - Jamie Winders
Culture - Patricia Price
Politics - David Featherstone
Words - Christopher Philo and Cheryl McGeachan
Power - Louise Amoore
Development - Kate Wills
Bodies - Rachel Silvey and Jean-Francois Bissonnette
Identities - Robyn Dowling and Katherine McKinnon
Demographies - Elspeth Graham
Health - Matt Sparke
Resistance - Sarah Wright
Part IV: Appendix- Transcriptions
Online Video Conversations
Why Human Geography?: an editorial conversation - Roger Lee, Noel Castree, Sarah Elwood, Rob Kitchin and Susan Roberts
Geography and geographical thought - David Livingstone and Doreen Massey
Nature and Society - Susan Owens and Sarah Whatmore
Geography and geographical practice - Katherine Gibson and Susan J Smith
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