SAGE Handbook of International Social Work

SAGE Handbook of International Social Work

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Setting the Scene - Nathalie Huegler, Karen Lyons and Manohar Pawar Globalisation and Indigenisation - Lena Dominelli Reconciling the Irreconcilible in Social Work? Environment and Sustainability - Margaret Alston and Fred H. Besthorn Human Rights - Joseph Wronka and Silvia Staub Bernasconi Poverty, Development and Social Justice - Murli Desai and John Solas Migration, Minorities and Citizenship - Uma Segal and Gerda Heck Political and Organisational Contexts of Social Work Internationally - Malcolm Payne Social Work Theories, Research/Methods and Practices: Critical Perspectives and New Challenges - Narda Razack Social Work Values, Ethics and Professional Regulation - Richard Hugman and Wendy Bowles Social Work Education: The International Dimension - Terry Hokenstad and Karen Lyons Social Work Research - Joan Orme and Synnove Karvinen-Niinikoski Social Work, Economic Conditions and Livelihood - Tatsuru Akimoto and Decha Sungkawan Social Work and Health - Paul Bywaters and Cindy Davis Social Work and Education - Marion Huxtable, Cynthia A. Sottie and Khuajin Ulziitungalag Social Work, Social Justice and Protection: A Reflective Review - Michael Preston-Shoot and Staffan Hoejer Social Work and Changing Environments - Jennifer McKinnon and Raquel Sant'Ana Social Work, Religion, Culture and Spirituality - Micheal L. Shier and John R. Graham Disaster Management and Humanitarian Action - Golam M. Mathbor and Jennifer Bourassa Social Work, Political Conflict and Displacement - Shulamit Ramon and Reima Ana Maglajlic The Life-Course Perspective and Changing Context of Families - Murli Desai Childhood and Youth in International Context: Life Course Perspectives - Letnie Rock, Jeff Karabanow and Kathleen Manion Adulthood - Some Comparative and International Perspectives - Ruby Chau Older Persons and Social Work: A Global Perspective - M. C. "Terry" Hokenstad, Jr., Ph.D. and Amy Restorick Roberts, Ph.D. Candidate Social Work in Africa - Lengwe-K. Mwansa and Linda Kreitzer Social Work in Southern and Eastern Asia - Manohar Pawar and Ming-sum Tsui Social Work in Australasia - Liz Beddoe and Heather Fraser Social Work in Europe - Sue Lawrence and Darja Zavirsek The Middle East: Expanding Social Work to Address 21st Century Concerns - Sahar Al-Makhamreh and Kathryn Libal Social Work in Latin America - Mahia Saracostti, Taly Reiniger and Henry Parada Social Work in North America and the Caribbean - Julia Watkins and Jennifer Holden Dolly
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global aspect of social work;human rights;social justice;social welfare;human services