Therapeutic Encounter

Therapeutic Encounter

A Cross-modality Approach


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Theorising 'Process': Contemporary Perspectives The Refusal to Join In Dilemma: How Can I Take Part if I Can't Make a Mistake? The Battle for Control Dilemma: How Can I Find Love When I Can't Show That I'm Vulnerable? Engaging with the Emotionally Unavailable Dilemma: How Can I Get Close and Still be Myself? The Need to be Loved Dilemma: How Can I Keep Everyone Happy and Still Get My Own Needs Met? An Inability to Relate Dilemma: How Can I Get Love and Still Be Self-Sufficient? Encountering Oppositionality Dilemma: How Can I Get My Way When I Can't Say What I Want? Conclusion: The Therapeutic Encounter: A Safe Emergency
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counselling and psychotherapy;counseling;Postgraduate counselling and psychotherapy trainees