Understanding and Treating Personalities Across the Spectrum

Understanding and Treating Personalities Across the Spectrum

The Independent to Antisocial Personality

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Part I. The Independent to Antisocial Pattern. Chapter 1. Independent/Antisocial Personality: Historic Perspective to Modern Context. I. Antisocial Personality: A Brief History. II. Clinical Formulations: Past and Present Diagnostic Considerations. III. Independent and Antisocial Personality in Modern Life. Chapter 2. Theoretical Considerations. I. Modern Theoretical Formulations. II. Millon Evolutionary Theory. III. The Independent/Antisocial Personality in Millon's Theory. Chapter 3. From Independent to Antisocial: The Adaptive to Maladaptive Continuum. I. Personality Style vs. Personality Disorder: The Arbitrary Line. II. Character Qualities. III. Vulnerabilities. Chapter 4. Subtypes of the Independent/Antisocial Pattern. I. Prototypes vs. Subtypes. II. Common Independent/Antisocial Subtypes. III. Different Experiences, Different Vulnerabilities. Part II. Experiences and Challenges: Therapeutic Considerations. Chapter 5. Integrative therapy with the Independent/Antisocial Prototypal Pattern. I. Leading Therapeutic Perspectives with the IND/ATS Pattern. II. Millon Evolutionary Theory: A Guiding Framework for Integrating Leading Perspectives. III. Integrative Case Conceptualization for the IND/ATS Pattern. Chapter 6. Subjective Experience of the Independent/Antisocial Person. I. From the Perspective of the IND/ATS Person. II. Social and Environmental Challenges for the IND/ATS Person. III. The IND/ATS Person and Assessment/Intervention. Chapter 7. Challenges and Interventions with Independent Personalities. I. Presenting Concerns of the Independent Personality. II. Independent Personality and Axis-I Symptomology. III. Case Examples. Chapter 8. Treatment for Individuals with Antisocial Personality Disorder. I. Antisocial Personality as Focus of Treatment. II. Antisocial Personality and Axis-I Symptomology. III. Case Examples.
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