Vegetation Description and Data Analysis

Vegetation Description and Data Analysis

A Practical Approach

Kent, Martin

John Wiley and Sons Ltd






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Preface to the second edition ix

Acknowledgements xi

Safety in the field xiii

Chapter 1 The nature of quantitative plant ecology andvegetation science 1

Chapter 2 Environmental gradients, plant communities andvegetation dynamics 23

Chapter 3 The description of vegetation in the field 49

Chapter 4 The nature and properties of vegetation data 101

Chapter 5 Basic statistical methods for understandingmultivariate analysis 139

Chapter 6 Ordination methods 171

Chapter 7 Phytosociology and the Z?urich-Montpellier(Braun-Blanquet) School of subjective classification 273

Chapter 8 Numerical classification, cluster analysis andphytosociology 307

Chapter 9 Computer software for the analysis of vegetation andenvironmental/biotic data 359

Chapter 10 Future developments in vegetation science andquantitative plant ecology 369

References 371

Index 403
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