Vegetation Mapping

Vegetation Mapping

From Patch to Planet

Millington, Andrew C.; Alexander, Roy

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Vegetation Mapping from Ground, Air and Space -
Competitive or Complementary Techniques? (B. Wyatt).
Cover Distribution Patterns of Lichen, Annuals and Shrubs in theTabernas Desert, Almeria, Spain (R. Lazaro, et al.).
The Use of Microscale Field Mapping in a Study of the Ox-eye Daisy(Leucanthemum vulgare L.) as a Component of Wild Flower Meadows (P.Spearman, et al.).
Mapping Grassland at the Whole Site Level, with Special Referenceto the Impact of Agricultural Improvement (R. Gilliver).
Non-destructive Sampling of Cretan Garigue Biomass as Ground Truthfor Remote Sensing (E. Jones).
Remote Sensing of Semi-natural Upland Vegetation: The Relationshipbetween Species Composition and Spectral Response (R. Armitage, etal.).
Integrating Photointerpretation and GIS for Vegetation Mapping:Some Issues of Error (D. Green S. Hartley).
Vegetation Analysis, Mapping and Environmental Relationships at aLocal Scale, Jotunheimen, Southern Norway (P. Coker).
Determining the Composition of the Blanket Bogs of Scotland UsingLandsat Thematic Mapper (E. Reid N. Quarmby).
An Assessment of the Land Cover Map of Great Britain withinHeadwater Stream Catchments for Four River Systems in England andWales (A. Brooks, et al.).
Mapping Humid Tropical Vegetation in Eastern Bolivia (J. Wellens,et al.).
Mapping Vegetation in Complex, Mountainous Terrain (A. MillingtonS. Jehangir).
Land Cover Changes in Scotland over the Past 50 Years (E. Mackey G.Tudor).
Application of CORINE Land Cover Mapping to Estimate Surface CarbonPools in Northern Ireland (M. Cruickshank, et al.).
Mapping of Carbon Pools in the Vegetation and Soils of GreatBritain (R. Milne T. Brown).
Mapping the Forests of Cameroon: Scales and Scaling-up (P.Atkinson).
Mapping the World's Tropical Moist Forests (C. Billington).
Vegetation Mapping in the Last Three Decades of the TwentiethCentury (A. Millington R. Alexander).
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