Virtual Research Methods

Virtual Research Methods

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VOLUME ONE PART ONE: PERSPECTIVES ON INTERNET AS SOCIAL SPACE Reducing Social Context Cues - Lee Sproull and Sara Kiesler Electronic Mail in Organizational Communication The Emergence of Online Community - Nancy Baym Virtual Communities as Communities - Barry Wellman and Milena Gulia Net Surfers Don't Ride Alone Constructing Identity Online - Kaveri Subrahmanyam and David Smahel Identity Exploration and Self-Presentation Grooming, Gossip, Facebook and MySpace - ZeynepTufekci Privacy, Trust and Self-Disclosure - Adam Joinson et al Globalization, Networking, Urbanization - Manuel Castells Reflections on the Spatial Dynamics of the Information Age Minding the Digital Gap - Eszter Hargittai Why Understanding Digital Inequality Fizz in the Field - Steve Jones Toward a Basis for an Emergent Internet Studies PART TWO: RESEARCH SITES AND RESEARCH MODELS FOR THE INTERNET Conclusions - Daniel Miller and Don Internet as Culture and Cultural Artefact - Christine Hine From Culture to Connection - Allison Cavanagh Internet Community Studies A Typology of Ethnographic Scales for Virtual Worlds - Tom Boellstorff Love at First Sight? Visual Images and Virtual Encounters with Bodies - Nicole Constable The Field Site as a Network - Jenna Burrell A Strategy for Locating Ethnographic Research The Ethnography of New Media Worlds? Following the Case of Global Poker - John Farnsworth and Terry Austrin Localizing the Internet beyond Communities and Networks - John Postill Websites as Visual and Multimodal Cultural Expressions - Luc Pauwels Opportunities and Issues of Online Hybrid Media Research VOLUME TWO PART ONE : SKILLS, TECHNIQUES AND APPROACHES 1: MODES OF ETHNOGRAPHIC ENGAGEMENT Ethnographic Approaches to the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication - Angela Cora Garcia et al Digital Ethnography - Dhiraj Murthy An Examination of the Use of New Technologies for Social Research Life in Virtual Worlds (American Behavioral Scientist 43(3): 436-449 [SAGE]) - T.L.Taylor 'Piling on Layers of Understanding' - Vanessa Dirksen, Ard Huizing and Bas Smit The Use of Connective Ethnography for the Study of (Online) Work Practices Mixed Methods for Mixed Reality - David Feldon and Yasmin Kafai Understanding Users' Avatar Activities in Virtual Worlds Co-Construction and Field Creation - Maximilian Forte Website Development as both an Instrument and Relationship in Action Research Towards Ethnography of Television on the Internet - Christine Hine A Mobile Strategy for Exploring Mundane Interpretive Activities Inside the 'Pro-Ana' Community - Sarah Brotsky and David Giles A Covert Online Participant Observation PART TWO: SKILLS, TECHNIQUES AND APPROACHES 2: REASEARCH RELATIONSHIPS Qualitative Interviewing in Internet Studies - Michelle Kazmer and Bo Xie Playing with the Media, Playing with the Method Reflecting on the Experience of Interviewing Online - Mark Davis et al Perspectives from the Internet and HIV Study in London E-Mail Interviewing in Qualitative Research - Lokman Meho A Methodological Discussion Credibility, Authenticity and Voice - Nalita James and Hugh Busher Dilemmas in Online Interviewing Online with the E-Mums - Clare Madge and Henrietta O'Connor Exploring the Internet as a Medium for Research In the Flesh or Online? Exploring Qualitative Research Methodologies - Wendy Seymour Online Dating and Mating - Danielle Couch and Pranee Liamputtong The Use of the Internet to Meet Sexual Partners Online Focus Groups as a Tool to Collect Data in Hard-to-Include Populations - Kiek Tates et al Examples from Paediatric Oncology Doing Synchronous Online Focus Groups with Young People - Fiona Fox, Marianne Morris and Nichola Rumsey Methodological Reflections Researching Online Populations - Kate Stewart and Matthew Williams The Use of Online Focus Groups for Social Research A Daily Web Diary of the Sexual Experiences of Men Who Have Sex with Men - Keith Horvath, Blair Beadnell and Anne Bowen Comparisons with a Retrospective Recall Survey Virtual Fieldwork Using Access Grid - Nigel Fielding VOLUME THREE PART ONE: SKILLS, TECHNIQUES AND APPROACHES 3: CORPUS-BASED APROACHES TO FOUND DATA The YouTube Indian - Maria Kopacz and Bessie Lee Lawton Portrayals of Native Americans on a Viral Video Site 'Am I Normal?' Teenagers, Sexual Health and the Internet - Kevin Harvey et al Interviews and Internet Forums - Clive Seale et al A Comparison of Two Sources of Qualitative Data 'Entering the Blogosphere' - Nicholas Hookway Some Strategies for Using Blogs in Social Research Content Analysis of the World Wide Web - Christopher Weare and Wan-Ying Lin Opportunities and Challenges Time to Get Wired - Gerlinde Mautner Using Web-Based Corpora in Critical Discourse Analysis Website History and the Website as an Object of Study - Niels Br gger PART TWO: SKILLS, TECHNIQUES AND APPROACHES 4: NETWORK ANALYSIS Bibliometrics to Webometrics - Mike Thelwall Tunes That Bind? - Nancy Baym and Andrew Ledbetter Sociology of Hyperlink Networks of Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Twitter - Chien-Leng Hsu and Han Woo Park A Case Study of South Korea Landscaping Climate Change - Richard Rogers and Noortje Marres A Mapping Technique for Understanding Science and Technology Debates on the World Wide Web Online Collective Identity - Robert Ackland and Mathieu O'Neil The Case of the Environmental Movement PART THREE: SKILLS, TECHNIQUES AND APPROACHES 5: EXPERIMENTS, SURVEYS AND SAMPLING Conducting Internet Research with the Transgender Population - Michael Miner et al Reaching Broad Samples and Collecting Valid Data Surveying the Experience of Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer - Elizabeth Reed, Peter Simmonds and Jessica Corner Comparing Face-to-Face and Online Recruitment The Influence of the Design of Web Survey Questionnaires on the Quality of Responses - Stephane Ganassali Using Questionnaire Design to Fight Non-Response Bias in Web Surveys - Paula Vicente and Elizabeth Reis Comparing Response Rates from Web and Mail Surveys - Tse-Hua Shih and Xitao Fan A Meta-Analysis Virtual Experiments - Ulf-Dietrich Reips A Psychological Laboratory on the Internet True Experimental Data Collection on the Internet - Ulf-Dietrich Reips and John Krantz VOLUME FOUR PART ONE: INNOVATIONS IN THE RESEARCH PROCESS Scholarly Communication 2.0 - Diego Ponte and Judith Simon Exploring Researchers' Opinions on Web 2.0 for Scientific Knowledge Creation, Evaluation and Dissemination Using Web 2.0 Tools for Qualitative Analysis - Silvana di Gregorio An Exploration Scholarly Blogging - Alexander Halavais Moving toward the Visible College Field Notes in Public - Nina Wakeford and Kris Cohen Using Blogs for Research E-Sciences as Research Technologies - Ralph Schroeder Reconfiguring Disciplines, Globalizing Knowledge PART TWO: ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research on Internet Communities - Gunther Eysenbach and James Till Ethics of Internet Research - Elizabeth Bassett and Kate O'Riordan Contesting the Human Subjects Research Model Researching Personal Information on the Public Web - David Wilkinson and Mike Thelwall Methods and Ethics 'But the Data Is Already Public' - Michael Zimmer On the Ethics of Research in Facebook 'Go away' - James Hudson and Amy Bruckman Participant Objections to Being Studied and the Ethics of Chatroom Research Ethic as Method, Method as Ethic - Annette Markham A Case for Reflexivity in Qualitative ICT Research PART THREE: REFLECTIONS ON INNOVATION How the Internet Is Changing the Implementation of Traditional Research Methods, People's Daily Lives and the Way in Which Developmental Scientists Conduct Research - Jaap Denissen, Linus Neumann and Maarten van Zalk The Challenge of Changing Audiences or, What Is the Audience Researcher to Do in the Age of the Internet - Sonia Livingstone New Avenues for Sociological Inquiry - Laura Robinson and Jeremy Schulz Evolving Forms of Ethnographic Practice The Growth of Internet Research Methods and the Reluctant Sociologist - Dan Farrell and James Petersen Mediating Ethnography - Anne Beaulieu Objectivity and the Making of Ethnographies of the Internet Presidential Address - Don Dillman Navigating the Rapids of Change Some Observations on Survey Methodology in the Early 21st Century Internet Research - Richard Rogers The Question of Method: A Keynote Address from the 'YouTube and the 2008 Election Cycle in the United States' Conference Mobile Methods and the Empirical - Monika B scher and John Urry
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