Web Survey Methodology

Web Survey Methodology

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Chapter 1: Survey research and web surveys Definition and typology Web survey process Evolution of web surveys, applications and related practices Chapter 2: Pre-fielding Mode elaboration Sampling Questionnaire preparation Technical preparations Nonresponse strategy General management Chapter 3: Fielding Recruiting Measurement Processing and monitoring Chapter 4: Post-fielding Data preparation Preliminary results Data exporting and documentation Chapter 5: Selected topics in web survey implementation Smartphones, tablets and other devices Online panels Web survey software Chapter 6: Broader context of web surveys Broader methodological context Web surveys within the project management framework The web survey profession Web survey bibliography Chapter 7: Future of web surveys General technological developments Web survey software Methodology Broader business and societal issues Chapter 8: Conclusions
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research methods;online survey;data collection;questionnaire;online panel;internet testing;sampling;fielding;market research;mobile survey