West from Shenandoah

West from Shenandoah

A Scotch-Irish Family Fights for America, 1729-1781

Lewis, T.A.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd







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How one remarkable family settled America's first western frontierIn this unique and very personal book, historian Thomas A. Lewis argues that the Scotch--Irish, including the exceptional John Lewis family, began America's first westward expansion in the 1730s when they moved into Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.
Acknowledgments. List of Maps. Introduction. PART ONE THE SCOTCH--IRISH. Chapter 1 East Wind Rising, 1729. Chapter 2 Finding America, 1730--1732. Journal Coming to Shenandoah. PART TWO THE FIRST PEOPLE. Chapter 3 Finding Jasper, 10,000 B.P. Chapter 4 Leaving Shenandoah, 1400--1732. Journal The Thunderbird Site. PART THREE THE LAND. Chapter 5 Building Shenandoah, 1732--1739. Chapter 6 The Land Grabbers, 1739--1753. Journal Leisure Point. PART FOUR THE WARS. Chapter 7 The French War, 1754--1758. Chapter 8 The Indian Wars, 1759--1774. Chapter 9 The English War, 1774--1781. Journal The Legacy. Bibliography. Index.
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