Workbook for Organic Synthesis - Strategy and Control

Workbook for Organic Synthesis - Strategy and Control

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Preface. A. Introduction: Selectivity. 1. Planning Organic Syntheses: Tactics, Strategy and Control. 2. Chemoselectivity. 3. Regioselectivity: Controlled Aldol Reactions. 4. Stereoselectivity: Stereoselective Aldol Reactions. 5. Alternative Strategies for Enone Synthesis. 6. Choosing a Strategy: The Synthesis of Cyclopentenones. B. Making Carbon-Carbon Bonds. 7. The Ortho Strategy for Aromatic Compounds. 8. -complexes of Metals. 9. Controlling the Michael Reaction. 10. Specific Enol Equivalents. 12. Allyl Anions. 13. Homoenolates. 14. Acyl Anion Equivalents. C. Carbon-Carbon Double Bonds. 15. Synthesis of Double Bonds of Defined Stereochemistry. 16. Vinyl Anions. 17. Electrophilic Attack on Alkenes. 18. Vinyl Cations. 19. Allyl Alcohols: Allyl Cation Equivalents (and More). D. Stereochemistry. 20. Control of Stereochemistry - Introduction. 21. Diastereoselectivity. 22. Resolution. 23. The Chiral Pool: Asymmetric Synthesis with Natural Products as Starting Materials. 24. Asymmetric Induction I: Reagent-Based Strategy. 25. Asymmetric Induction II: Asymmetric Catalysis: Formation of C-O and C-N Bonds. 26. Asymmetric Induction III: Asymmetric Catalysis: Formation of C-H and C-C Bonds. 27. Asymmetric Induction IV: Substrate-Based Strategy. 28. Kinetic Resolution. 29. Enzymes: biological Methods in Asymmetric Synthesis. 30. New Chiral Centres from Old: Enantiomerically Pure Compounds and Sophisticated Syntheses. 31. Strategy of Asymmetric Synthesis. E. Functional Group Strategy. 32. Functionalisation of Pyridine. 33. Oxidation of Aromatic Rings and of Enol(ate)s. 34. Functionality and Pericyclic Reactions: Nitrogen Heterocycles by Cycloadditions and Sigmatropic Rearrangements. 35. Synthesis and Chemistry of Azoles and other Heterocycles with Two or more Heteroatoms. 36. Tandem Organic Reactions. Index.
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