Young People & Mental Health

Young People & Mental Health

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Introduction (J. Hurry, et al.). SPECIFIC MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS. Young People and Alcohol Use (M. Plant). Young People and Drugs (J. Davies). Emotional Disorders in Young People (J. Pearce). Eating Disorders (A. Karwautz J. Treasure). Serious Antisocial Behaviour (S. Bailey). Youth Suicide and Deliberate Self-harm (M. Kerfoot). SPECIAL GROUPS AND SPECIAL NEEDS. Sexuality and Mental Health Promotion: Lesbian and Gay Young People (I. Warwick, et al.). Young People with Learning Difficulties (J. Corbett). SPECIAL CONTEXTS AND SETTINGS. The Mental Health of 'Looked After' Young People (J. Koprowska M. Stein). Young People, Mental Health and Homelessness (D. Lilley). Bullying and Harassment in and out of School (D. Thompson). Index.
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