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The Handbook of Computer Networks is the first single, comprehensive treatment of the subject available. Written by noted author and expert Hossein Bidgoli, this three-volume masterpiece presents an in-depth understanding of computer networks that is broad in scope and practical in application.
Contributors. Preface. Guide to The Handbook of Computer Networks. Reviewers List. Index. Volume I: Key Concepts, Data Transmission, and Digital and Optical Networks. Part 1: Key Concepts. The Telecommunications Industry ( David G. Loomis). Data Communications Basics ( Hossein Bidgoli). Data-Link Layer Protocols ( Stefan Joe-Yen and Chadwick Sessions). Network Layer Protocols ( Muhannad Harrim, Mohamed El-Wakil, and Ala Al-Fuqaha). Transport Layer Protocols ( Vassilis Tsaoussidis). Session, Presentation, and Application Layer Protocols ( Chadwick Sessions). Digital Transmission ( Marvi Teixeira and Viktor Zaharov). Analog Transmission ( Hamidreza Saligheh, Joonhyuk Kang, Jaehak Chung, and Vahid Tarokh). Voice Communications Systems: KTS, PBX, Centrex, and ACD ( Hassan Ibrahim). Messaging Systems: Facsimile and Voice Processing ( Albert K.S. Wong, Nan Zhang, and Xu Yan). Public Switched Telephone Network ( Jingxuan Liu and Nirwan Ansari). Information Theory ( David Blockus and Mark Stamp). Data Compression ( Chang-Su Kim and C.C. Jay Kuo). Image Compression ( Alfred Mertins). Video Compression ( Immanuel Freedman). Speech and Audio Compression ( Peter Kroon). Multimedia Streaming ( Nabil J. Sarhan). High-Defi nition Television ( Jim Krause). Part 2: Hardware, Media, and Data Transmission Modems ( Darren B. Nicholson and Jennifer A. Nicholson). Conducted Communications Media ( Thomas L. Pigg). Wireless Channels ( Okechukwu C. Ugweje). Sources of Errors, Prevention, Detection, and Correction ( Syed H. Murshid and Azhar M. Khayrattee). Routers ( Min Song). Switches ( Min Song). Bridges ( Zartash Afzal Uzmi and Tariq Mahmood Jadoon). Pulse Amplitude Modulation ( Muneo Fukaishi). Frequency and Phase Modulation ( Albert Lozano-Nieto). Carrierless Amplitude Phase Modulation ( Tim Collins). Minimum Shift Keying ( Tao Jiang). Optical Differential Phase Shift Keying ( Xiang Liu). DMT Modulation ( Stephan Pfl etschinger). Pulse Position Modulation ( Jon Hamkins). Digital Phase Modulation and Demodulation ( Zartash Afzal Uzmi). Line Coding ( Asim Loan). Spread Spectrum ( Murad Hizlan). Frequency Division Multiplexing ( Zhu Liu). Time Division Multiplexing ( William A. Shay). Statistical Time Division Multiplexing ( Kavitha Chandra). Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing ( Shinsuke Hara). Wavelength Division Multiplexing ( Yassine Khlifi , Noureddine Boudriga, and Mohammad S. Obaidat). Part 3: Digital and Optical Networks Digital Communication Basics ( Robert W. Heath and Atul A. Salvekar). Digital Radio Broadcasting ( Zhuojun Joyce Chen). Spread Spectrum Signals for Digital Communications ( Filippo Giannetti and Marco Luise). Optical Fiber Communications ( Habib Hamam and Sghaier Guizani). Optical Transmitters, Receivers, and Noise ( Ken Pedrotti). Optical Signal Regeneration ( Mingshan Zhao). Optical Sources ( Tin Win and Serge Demidenko). Lambda and Sub-Lambda Switching ( Mario Baldi and Yoram Ofek). Optical Cross Connects ( Wen-De Zhong). Optical Memories ( Paul W. Nutter). Characterization of Optical Fibers ( Liang Chen, John Cameron, and Xiaoyi Bao). Optical Couplers and Splitters ( Kais Dridi, Mustapha Razzak, and Habib Hamam). Fiber-Optic Filters and Multiplexers ( Hamid Hemmati). Optical Solitons ( Natalia M. Litchinitser). Synchronous Optical Code Division Multiplexing Systems ( Hideyuki Sotobayashi). Free-Space Optics ( John Liu and Mark Schaefer). Optical Switching Techniques in WDM Optical Networks ( Amor Lazzez, Noureddine Boudriga, and Mohammad S. Obaidat). SONET and SDH Networks ( M. Farooque Mesiya). Passive Optical Networks for Broadband Access ( Nirwan Ansari and Yuanqiu Luo). Volume II: LANs, MANs, WANs, The Internet, and Global, Cellular, and Wireless Networks. Part 1: LANs, MANs, and WANs Local Area Networks ( Wayne C. Summers). Ethernet LANs ( William Stallings). Token Ring LANs ( Norman C. Strole, Werner Bux, and Robert D. Love). Optical Fiber LANs ( Mo Adda, Amanda Peart, and Jau Ming Chew). Windows 2000 Operating System ( Dario Forte). Linux Operating System ( Mark Shacklette). Metropolitan Area Networks ( Richard J. Nieporent). Terrestrial Wide Area Networks ( Gurdeep Singh Hura). Packet Switching ( Qinqing Zhang and Qi Bi). Circuit Switching ( Farid Farahmand and Qiong (Jo) Zhang). Message Switching ( Farid Farahmand). Frame Relay ( Eddie Rabinovitch). Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) ( Arjan Durresi and Raj Jain). Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network ( B. Muthukumaran). DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) ( Milos Milosevic). Cable Modems ( Shaheed N. Mohammed). Home Networking ( Sherali Zeadally). Multimedia Networking ( Hans-Peter Dommel). Part 2: The Internet, Global Networks, and VoIP The Internet Fundamentals ( Hossein Bidgoli). History of the Internet ( John Lucas Sherry and Nicholas David Bowman). Internet2(r) ( Linda Bruenjes and Carolyn Siccama). Internet Domain Name System ( Krishna Jayakar). Information Retrieval on the Internet ( Raymond F. Wisman). Internet Architecture ( Geoffrey G. Xie). TCP/IP Suite ( Prabhaker Mateti). SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) ( Vladimir V. Riabov). IP Multicast ( Emilia Rosti). Network QoS ( Ying Lu). Internet Security Standards ( Raymond R. Panko). Technology and Standards for Low-Bit-Rate Vocoding Methods ( Miguel Arjona Ramirez and Mario Minami). Voice Over Internet Protocol ( Sherali Zeadally and Farhan Siddiqui). Signaling Approaches ( Edmundo Monteiro, Fernando Boavida, Marilia Curado, and Lu's Cordeiro). Voice over MPLS and VoIP over MPLS ( Junaid Ahmed Zubairi). Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM) ( Leslie L. Daigle). Web Hosting ( Thomas C. Bressoud). End-System QoS ( Tarek F. Abdelzhaer and Chengdu Huang). Web Services ( Mei-Ling L. Liu). Part 3: Cellular and Wireless Networks Cellular Communications Channels ( Aarne Mammela and Risto Wichman). Cellular Telephony ( Elyes Ben Ali Bdira). Mobile Radio Communications ( Chi Zhou). Evolution of Mobile Cellular Networks ( Jiang Xie and Xiaoyuan Gu). Global System for Mobile Communications ( Mohamed A. Haleem and Koduvayur P. Subbalakshmi). General Packet Radio Service ( Allen H. Levesque). Location Management in Personal Communication Systems ( Jingyuan Zhang and Ivan Stojmenovic). Mobility Management in Heterogeneous Networks ( Guangbin Fan, Xuming Lu, and Song Ci). Universal Mobile Telecommunications System ( Faouzi Zarai, Noureddine Boudriga, and Mohammad S. Obaidat). International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 and 3G Wireless Systems ( Mustafa M. Matalgah and Omar M. Hammouri). Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) ( Frank H.P. Fitzek and Marcos Katz). Time-Division Multiple Access ( Tom S. Chan). Carrier Sense Multiple Access Protocols ( Wei Ye). Bluetooth Technology ( Brent A. Miller). Satellite Communications Basics ( Michele Luglio and Antonio Saitto). Land-Mobile Satellite Channel ( Emilio Matricciani). Geosynchronous Fixed Satellite Communications ( Michele Luglio and Antonio Saitto). Satellites in IP Networks ( Fatih Alagoz and Abbas Jamalipour). Global Navigation Satellite Systems ( Omar Al-Bayari and Balqies Sadoun). Wireless LANs ( Mohammad S. Obaidat, G. I. Papadimitriou, and S. Obeidat). Wireless LAN Standards ( Prashant Krishnamurthy). Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation ( Yuheng Huang and James A. Ritcey). The Wireless Application Protocol ( Lillian N. Cassel and Arun Srinivasa Murthy). Wireless ATM ( Amel Meddeb and Noureddine Boudriga). Wireless IP Telephony ( Manish Marwah and Shivakant Mishra). Wireless Internet ( Abbas Jamalipour). Internetworking of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks ( Sherali Zeadally and Farhan Siddiqui). Principles and Applications of Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks ( Marco Conti). Medium Access in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks ( Vojislav B. Misi'c and Jelena Misi'c). Emerging Trends in Routing Protocols in Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks ( Jamal N. Al-Karaki). Broadcasting in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks ( Francois Ingelrest, David Simplot-Ryl, Hong Guo, and Ivan Stojmenovic'). Data Monitoring and Gathering in Sensor Networks ( Symeon Papavassiliou, Stella Kafetzoglou, and Jin Zhu). In-Network Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks ( Kemal Akkaya and Ismail Ari). Cognitive and Software Defi ned Radios for Dynamic Spectrum Access ( Troy Weingart and Douglas C. Sicker). Localization in Wireless Networks ( Slim Rekhis, Noureddine Boudriga, and Mohammad S. Obaidat). Interference Management in Wireless Networks ( Keivan Navaie and Shahrokh Valaee). Wireless Wide Area Networks ( Anthony H. Smith and Raymond A. Hansen). Wireless Broadband Access ( Hsiao-Hwa Chen and Mohsen Guizani). Indoor Wireless Infrared Communications ( Z. Ghassemlooy). Volume III: Distributed Networks, Network Planning, Control, Management, and New Trends and Applications. Part 1: Distributed Networks Client/Server Computing Basics ( Daniel McFarland and Darren B. Nicholson). Groupware ( Robert Slagter). Network Middleware ( Linda Volonino and Pragati Dalal). Grid Computing Fundamentals ( Mark Baker). Grid Computing Implementation ( Barry Wilkinson and Clayton Ferner). Cluster Computing Fundamentals ( Hong Ong and Mark Baker). Next-Generation Cluster Networks ( Keren Bergman, Benjamin A. Small, and Larry A. Bergman). Utility Computing on Global Grids ( Chee Shin Yeo, Rajkumar Buyya, Marcos Dias de Assuncao, Jia Yu, Anthony Sulistio, Srikumar Venugopal and Martin Placek). Peer-to-Peer Network Architecture ( Jing Wu and Michel Savoie). Peer-to-Peer Network Applications ( Stan Kurkovsky). Incentive Issues in Peer-to-Peer Systems ( Yu-Kwong Kwok). Storage Area Network Fundamentals ( Vladimir V. Riabov). Fiber Channel ( Jiying Zhao). Storage Area Networks: Architectures and Protocols ( Nirwan Ansari and Si Yin). Distributed Intelligent Networks ( G. N. Prezerakos and I. S. Venieris). Smart Cards: Communication Protocols and Applications ( Michael Tunstall, Konstantinos Markantonakis, Damien Sauveron, and Keith Mayes). Fault-Tolerant Systems ( Amiya Nayak). Distributed Algorithms ( Valmir C. Barbosa). Distributed Databases ( David Coquil and Harald Kosch). Part 2: Network Planning, Control, and Management Network Capacity Planning ( Priscilla Oppenheimer). Network Traffi c Modeling ( Thomas M. Chen). Network Traffi c Management ( Thomas M. Chen). Network Security Risk Assessment and Management ( Dan Port, Rick Kazman, and David Klappholz). Network Reliability and Fault Tolerance ( Matthew Liotine). Social Engineering ( Benjamin Bock, Markus D. Klemen, and Edgar R. Weippl). Intrusion-Detection Systems ( Peng Ning and Sushil Jajodia). Network Attacks ( Mohamed Hamdi and Noureddine Boudriga). Computer Viruses and Worms ( Robert Slade). Denial of Service Attacks ( Qijun Gu and Peng Liu). E-Mail Threats and Vulnerabilities ( David Harley). Virtual Private Networks ( G. I. Papadimitriou, M. S. Obaidat, C. Papazoglou, and A.S.Pomportsis). Cryptography 505 Ari Juels Access Control 518 Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, Sara Foresti, Stefano Paraboschi, and Pierangela Samarati Biometrics ( James L. Wayman). Firewalls ( James E. Goldman). Authentication ( Patrick McDaniel). Password Authentication ( Jeremy L. Rasmussen). Physical Security Threats and Measures ( Mark Michael). Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) ( Raymond R. Panko). Backup and Recovery System Requirements ( David R. Reavis). Business Requirements of Backup Systems ( Markus Klemen, Thomas Neubauer, and Edgar R. Weippl). Evaluating Storage Media Requirements ( David R. Reavis). Business Continuity Planning ( Marco Cremonini and Pierangela Samarati). E-Mail and Internet Use Policies ( Nancy J. King). Computer Network Management ( Jian Ren). Part 3: Computer Network Popular Applications and Future Directions E-mail and Instant Messaging ( Bhagyavati). Application Service Providers (ASPs) ( Bandula Jayatilaka). Videoconferencing ( Ketan Mayer-Patel). Computer Conferencing: Protocols and Applications ( William R. Gillis and Colleen Taugher). Telecommuting and Telework ( Michael Workman). Online Banking ( Ronnie J. Phillips). Digital Libraries ( Cavan McCarthy). Computer Conferencing and Distance Learning ( Liam Rourke and Heather Kanuka). Electronic Commerce ( Charles Steinfi eld). Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ( Matthew K. McGowan). Electronic Payment Systems ( Indrajit Ray). Internet Relay Chat (IRC) ( James M. Hudson and Paul L. Witt). Online Communities ( Lee Sproull and Manuel Arriaga). Mobile Commerce ( Vijay Atluri). Online News ( Bruce Garrison and Marcus Messner). Travel and Tourism ( Ulrike Gretzel, Youcheng Wang, and Daniel R. Fesenmaier). Web-Based Training ( Patrick J. Fahy). RFID (Radio-Frequency Identifi cation) ( Stephen A. Weis). Active Networking ( Stephen F. Bush). Applications of Biological Concepts to Designs of Computer Networks and Network Applications ( Tatsuya Suda, Tadashi Nakano, and Keita Fujii). Nanotechnology for Communication Systems ( Syed H. Murshid and Azhar M. Khayrattee). Molecular Communication: New Paradigm for Communication among Nanoscale Biological Machines ( Michael Moore, Akihiro Enomoto, Tatsuya Suda, Tadashi Nakano, and Yutaka Okaie).
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