Children who Fail to Thrive - A Practice Guide

Children who Fail to Thrive - A Practice Guide

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About the Author. List of Epigraphs. Acknowledgements. SECTION I: THE PROBLEM. 1. Introduction. 2. Historical Perspective of Failure to Thrive. 3. Failure to Thrive: Definition, Prevalence, Manifestation, and Effect. 4. Psychosocial Short Stature: Emotional Stunting of Growth. 5. Feeding/Eating Behaviour of Children who Fail to Thrive, and Parental Feeding Styles. 6. Parent-Child Interaction in Failure-to-Thrive Cases. 7. Child-Parent Attachment Behaviour of Children who Fail to Thrive and Parental Responsiveness. 8. Fabricated or Induced Illnesses and Failure to Thrive. SECTION II: THE FRAMEWORK OF ASSESSMENT. 9. A Framework of Assessment of Failure-to-Thrive Cases: Ecological Approach. SECTION III: INTERVENTION AND TREATMENT OF FAILURE-TO-THRIVE CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES. 10. Levels of Intervention. 11. Some Theoretical Approaches to Failure-to-Thrive Intervention. 12. Multidimensional/Integrated Model of Intervention in Failure-to-Thri ve Cases. 13. Approaches to Failure-to-Thrive Intervention Programmes. 14. Considerations Arising from Failure-to-Thrive Intervention Research. Epilogue. References. Index.
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