Working in Multi-professional Contexts

Working in Multi-professional Contexts

A Practical Guide for Professionals in Children's Services


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Introduction: Themes, Issues and Conclusions The Book, Its Concept, Why It Is Needed and Who It Is for The Structure of the Book Multi-Professional Assessment, Planning and Delivery Concepts of Assessment Structures of Assessment Relationships of Assessment Conclusion Recommended Further Reading Participation and Multi-professional Working Defining Our Concepts of Participation Structures of Participation Participatory Relationships Conclusion Recommended Further Reading Traditional Structures of Multi-Professional Leadership and Management Concepts of Visionary Leadership and Management Management, Leadership and Organisational Structures Relational Multi-Professional Management and Leadership Conclusion Recommended Further Reading Contemporary Approaches to Multi-Professional Leadership and Management Reflexive Managers, Leaders and Individuals Systemic Multi-Professional Joint Working Multi-Professional Systems, Relationships and Change Conclusion Recommended Further Reading Multi-Professional Evaluation Total Quality Management Research-Based Evaluation/Development Relational Approaches to Evaluation Conclusion Recommended Further Reading Multi-Professional Learning and Creativity Concepts of Multi-Professional Learning, Innovation and Creativity? Environments for Innovation, Creativity and Change Conclusion Recommended Further Reading Final Conclusions References Index
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professional development;family support;childcare;early years sector