Early Childhood Assessment

Early Childhood Assessment

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Supplementary Materials. Chapter 1: In the Beginning ... Interviewing. Developmental History. Screening. Risk and Resilience. Assessment. Summary. Suggested Activities. Chapter 2: Observing Children, Programs, and Teachers. Issues of Observation. Observing Children. Observing Programs. Observing Teachers. Limitations. Summary. Suggested Activities. Chapter 3: Families, Homes, and Cultural Contexts. The Family as a System. Parenting a Child with Special Needs. Cultural Issues. Conducting a Family Interview. Caregiver-Child Interactions. Some Concluding Thoughts. Summary. Suggested Activities. Chapter 4: Assessment of Play. Relevance of Play. Historical Perspective. Characteristics of Play. Exploration versus Play. Developmental Aspects of Play. Children with Disabilities. Assessment of Play. Suggested Guidelines for Observing Play. General Assessment Considerations. Summary. Suggested Activities. Chapter 5: Development-, Curriculum-, and Performance-Based Assessment. Standards. Specific Procedures. Le Plus Ca Change ... Summary. Suggested Activities. Chapter 6: Dynamic Assessment. Definition and Characteristics. Historical-Theoretical Roots. Prevailing Models. A Generic Approach to Curriculum-Based Dynamic Assessment. The Application of Cognitive Functions Scale. Some Editorial Remarks. Summary. Suggested Activities. Chapter 7: Standardized Testing. Examples of Standardized Tests for Young Children. Standardized Testing and Issues of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity. Concluding Comments. Summary. Suggested Activities. Chapter 8: Social-Emotional Functioning. Social-Emotional Development. Temperament. Adaptive Behavior and Coping. Peer Relations. Functional Behavior Assessment. Summary. Suggested Activities. Chapter 9: The Neuropsychological Functioning of Young Children. The "Neuro" in Neuropsychological Assessment. The Mental Status Exam. Neuropsychological Assessment of Young Children. Luria's Contributions. Five Important Points. Electrophysiological Procedures. Implications for Assessment. Summary. Suggested Activities. Chapter 10: Assembling, Reporting, and Evaluating the Pieces. Writing Reports. Linking Assessment with Intervention. Communicating with Teachers and Parents. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Interventions. Final Thoughts. Summary. Suggested Activities. Appendix A: National Association of School Psychologists Position Statement on Early Childhood Assessment. Appendix B: New York Association of School Psychologists (NYASP) Guidelines for Preschool Psychological Assessment in New York State. Appendix C: Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children Position Paper on Developmental Delay as an Eligibility Category. Appendix D: National Association for the Education of Young Children Position Paper: Responding to Linguistic and Cultural Diversity: Recommendations for Effective Early Childhood Education. References. Author Index. Subject Index. About the Author.
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