Insect Lives

Insect Lives

Stories of Mystery and Romance from a Hidden World

Hoyt, Erich; Schultz, Ted

John Wiley and Sons Ltd






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Wonders of Creation: Insects Praised. Plagues of Vermin: Insects Reviled. To Conquer the Earth: Insects Take Over. A Cast of Millions on a Fantastic Journey: Mass Movement. The Superorganism: Social Insects. Insect Architecture. Go Forth and Multiply: Mating and Reproduction. Metamorphosis. Symbioses and Mimicry. Lives under the Microscope: Insect Behavior. Acknowledgments. Indexes.
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world; journey; wonderful; insect; metamorphosis; archipelago; butterflies; russel; popular; rare; wallace; jeanhenri; culture; fabre; aristotle; malay; insects william; charles; invasion kevin; bee; national; ant; beebe; seagoing; army; schell