Intensive Interaction

Intensive Interaction

Theoretical Perspectives

Hewett, Dave

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Blind Frogs: The Nature of Human Communication and Intensive Interaction - Dave Hewett
Intensive Interaction, Emotional Development and Emotional Well-Being - Melanie Nind
Interactive Approaches to Teaching and Learning - Penny Lacey
Wired for Communication: How the Neuroscience of Infancy Helps in Understanding the Effectiveness of Intensive Interaction - M. Suzanne Zeedyk
Intensive Interaction and Its Relationship with the Triad of Impairments in ASD - Lydia Swinton
Promoting Communication Rather Than Generating Data - Mark Barber
Intensive Interaction for Inclusion and Development - Graham Firth
Intensive Interaction within Models of Organisational Change - Cath Irvine
What Is Intensive Interaction? Curriculum, Process and Approach - Dave Hewett
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