Intensive Interaction Handbook

Intensive Interaction Handbook

Barber, Mark; Hewett, Dave; Firth, Graham; Harrison, Tandy

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Accessible guide to all aspects of Intensive Interaction
PART ONE: HUMAN COMMUNICATION AND THE BACKGROUND TO INTENSIVE INTERACTION The Nature of Human Communication - Dave Hewett Background to Intensive Interaction - Graham Firth How Do Human Beings Start Learning to Communicate? - Dave Hewett PART TWO: THE PRACTICALITIES OF DOING INTENSIVE INTERACTION Preparing for Intensive Interaction - Dave Hewett Getting Going - Dave Hewett Further and Continuing Progress - Dave Hewett Recording the Activities and Maintaining the Processes - Mark Barber Supporting Intensive Interaction in Workplaces - Graham Firth & Dave Hewett Doing Intensive Interaction at Home - Tandy Harrison PART THREE: ISSUES, TOPICS AND COMMUNITY Some Associated Issues and Topics - Dave Hewett The Intensive Interaction Community - Graham Firth
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