International Textbook of Obesity

International Textbook of Obesity

Bjorntorp, Per

John Wiley and Sons Ltd







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This title offers coverage of this increasingly significant condition. It sets out the epidemiology, causes, research and best management of the problem.
List of Contributors. Preface. EPIDEMIOLOGY. Obesity as a Global Problem (V. Antipatis & T. Gill). The Epidemiology of Obesity (J. Seidell). Body Weight, Body Composition and Longevity (D. Allison, et al.). DIAGNOSIS. Anthropometric Indices of Obesity and Regional Distribution of Fat Depots (T. Han & M. Lean). Screening the Population (B. Lindahl). Evaluation of Human Adiposity (S. Heymsfield, et al.). APPETITE REGULATION AND OBESITY PREVENTION. Role of Neuropeptides and Leptin in Food Intake and Obesity (B. Jeanrenaud & F. Rohner-Jeanrenaud). Regulation of Appetite and the Management of Obesity (J. Blundell). Physiological Regulation of Macronutrient Balance (S. Jebb & A. Prentice). Fat in the Diet and Obesity (B. Heitmann & L. Lissner). Energy Expenditure at Rest and During Exercise (B. Ekblom). Exercise and Macronutient Balance (A. Tremblay & J.-P. Desprs). PATHOGENESIS AND TYPES OF OBESITY The Specificity of Adipose Depots (C. Pond). Causes of Obesity and Consequences of Obesity Prevention in Non-human Primates and Other Animal Models (B. Hansen). Social Status, Social Stress and Fat Distribution in Primates (C. Shively & J. Wallace). Centralization of Body Fat (P. Bjorntorp). Obesity and Hormonal Abnormalities (R. Pasquali & V. Vicennati). Cortisol Metabolism (B. Walker & J. Seckl). Drug-induced Obesity (L. Breum & M. Fernstrom). Pregnancy (H. Harris). Social and Cultural Influences on Obesity (J. Sobal). Cessation of Smoking and Body Weight (K. Ward, et al.). COMPLICATIONS. Visceral Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome (R. Rosmond). Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (A. Hodge, et al.). Cardiovascular Disease (A. Tiengo & A. Avogaro). Obesity, Overweight and Human Cancer (M. Hill). Pulmonary Diseases (Including Sleep Apnoea and Pickwickian Syndrome) (T. Robinson & R. Grunstein). Obesity and Gallstones (S. Heshka & S. Heymsfield). MANAGEMENT. Health Benefits and Risks of Weight Loss (L. Khaodhiar & G. Blackburn). Treatment: Diet (S. Rssner). Recent and Future Drugs for the Treatment of Obesity (L. van Gaal, et al.). Treatment: Hormones (B. Andersson, et al.). Why Quality of Life Measures Should Be Used in the Treatment of Patients with Obesity (M. Sullivan, et al.). Surgical Treatment of Obesity (J. Kral). Swedish Obese Subjects, SOS (L. Sjostrom). Index.
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