Interpreting the City

Interpreting the City

An Urban Geography

Hartshorn, Truman Asa

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Urban Geography Today.

The Origin and Growth of Cities.

The Third World City.

The North American City.

Metropolitan Dominance and Movement.

The Urban Physical Environment.

City Development: Theory and Practice.

Central Place Theory.

Transportation Processes.

Perception and Quality of Life Issues.

Land Use Dynamics.

Housing and Neighborhoods.

Ethnicity in the City.

Intraurban Migration and Household Change.

Central Business District Dynamics.

Metropolitan Retail Structure.

The Office Function.

Intrametropolitan Industrial and Wholesale Space.

Planning, Regulation and the Future.

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cities; growth; third; north; city; american; urban; life issues; quality; use; land; ethnicity; migration; intraurban; central business; dynamics; office