Introduction to Forest Ecosystem Science & Management 3e (WSE)

Introduction to Forest Ecosystem Science & Management 3e (WSE)

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PART 1. INTRODUCTION Forest Policy Development in the United States (Thomas M. Bonnicksen and Diana M. Burton). Forestry: The Profession and Career Opportunities (Ronald L. Giese). PART 2. FOREST BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY. Forest Biomes of the World (Stith T. Gower, et al.). Forest Ecophysiology (Eric L. Kruger). Forest Soils (James G. Bockheim). Forest Ecosystem Ecology (Stith T. Gower). Landscape Ecology (Volker C. Radeloff and David J. Mladenoff). Forest Trees: Disease and Insect Interactions (Glen R. Stanosz, et al.). PART 3. FOREST MANAGEMENT-MULTIPLE USES. Forest Management and Stewardship (James M. Guldin and Richard W. Guldin) Nonindustrial Private Forests (John C. Bliss and A. Jeff Martin). Measuring and Monitoring Forest Resources (Alan R. Ek, et al.). Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems for Natural Resource Management (Paul V. Bolstad). Silviculture and Ecosystem Management (Craig G. Lorimer). Forest-Wildlife Management (Mark S. Boyce). Rangel and Management (Wayne C. Leininger and John D. Stednick). Watershed Management: A Regional to Global Perspective (D. Scott Mackay). Managing Recreation Behavior (Robert O. Ray). Behavior and Management of Forest Fires (Craig G. Lorimer). Timber Harvesting (Robert M. Shaffer and Thomas A. Walbridge). Wood Products (Eugene M. Wengert and Raymond A. Young). Economics and the Management of Forests for Wood and Amenity Values (Joseph Buongiorno and Ronald Raunikar). PART 4. FORESTS AND SOCIETY. Urban Forestry (Gene Grey). Social Forestry: The Community-Based Management of Natural Resources (J. Lin Compton and John W. Bruce). Appendix I. Common and Scientific Names of Tree Species Mentioned in the Text. Appendix II. Common and Scientific Names of Animal Species Mentioned in the Text. Appendix III. Unit Conversion Table. Appendix IV. Taxonomy of Selected Forest Trees. Appendix V. Glossary. Index.
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