Microbial Mediation of Plant Herbivore Interactions

Microbial Mediation of Plant Herbivore Interactions

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Partial table of contents: Interactions Among Insects, Plants, and Microorganisms: A Net Effects Perspective on Insect Performance (C. Jones). PLANT MUTUALISTS. Ecosystem Perspectives, Soil Organisms, and Herbivores (J. Moore, et al.). Fungal Endophytes, Grasses, and Herbivores (K. Clay). PLANT PATHOGENS. Specific or Generalized Plant Defense: Reciprocal Interactions Between Herbivores and Pathogens (V. Krischik). Plant Pathogens and Nonvector Herbivores (P. Barbosa). INSECT MUTUALISTS. Symbiont--Mediated Detoxification in Insect Herbivores (P. Dowd). Role of Microorganisms in Spruce Bark Beetle--Conifer Interactions (A. Leufven). INSECT PATHOGENS. Host--Plant--Mediated Interactions Between the Gypsy Moth and a Baculovirus (J. Schultz & S. Keating). Index.
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aspects; barbosa; novel; insectplant interactions; letourneau; trophic; three; study; plants; between; ecological; current; interactions; allelochemicals; plantderived; mediating effects; book; intertrophic; microorganisms; mediators; mechanisms