Our Precarious Habitat... It's in Your Hands

Our Precarious Habitat... It's in Your Hands

Benarde, Melvin A.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd







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This new and expanded Fourth Edition of Dr. Benarde's myth-defying book uses an evidence-based approach to refute today's pervasive, environmental doomsday hype. With up-to-date information consolidated from authoritative scientific journals and presented in highly readable form, Our Precarious Habitat...
Preface. Introduction. 1. America the Heathful:Its Vital Signs. 2. N Proof in the Puddings: Alternative Health Practices. 3. Microbes Among US. 4. Food Uncovered. 5. Climate Change and Global Warming: Will the Greenhouse Become a Hothouse? 6. Tapping the Atom. 7. Powering the World: Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources. 8. Environmental Issues: Perceptions and Political Aspects. 9. Science for eh People; the People For Science. Index.
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