Blue Planet - An Introduction to Earth System Science 3e

Blue Planet - An Introduction to Earth System Science 3e

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Part I. The Earth System: Our Place in Space 1. The Earth System 2. Matter 3. Energy 4. The Solar System Part II. The Geosphere: Earth Beneath Our Feet 5. The Dynamic Geosphere 6. Earthquakes and Volcanoes 7. The Rock Cycle Part III. The Hydrosphere: Earth's Blanket of Water and Ice 8. The Hydrologic Cycle 9. The Frozen Hydrosphere 10. The World Ocean Part IV. The Atmosphere: Earth's Gaseous Envelope 11. The Atmosphere 12. Wind and Weather Systems 13. The Climate System Part V. The Biosphere: Life on Earth 14. Life, Death, and Evolution 15. Energy and Matter in Life Systems 16. Earth's Major Ecosystems 17. Habitat, Interactions, and Diversity Part VI. The Anthrosphere: Humans and the Future of Earth 18. Earth's Resources 19. The Changing Earth System
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earth systems science course; earth science from a systems perspective; five spheres; interrelated; new media for instructors; earth system reservoirs; external energy sources; hypothesis and theory; energy and society; minerals; rocks; organic matter