Portable MBA in Project Management

Portable MBA in Project Management

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PART ONE. THE CASE FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Project Management Is a Strategic Strength (Eric Verzuh). Leading the Change to a Project-Based Organization (Robert J. Graham and Randall L. Englund). PART TWO. THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT DISCIPLINE. Project Selection (Jack R. Meredith and Samuel J. Mantel, Jr.). Building the Action Plan: Scheduling, Estimating, and Resource Allocation (Eric Verzuh). Achieving Stakeholder Satisfaction through Project Control (Eric Verzuh). Project Risk Management (Eric Verzuh). Quality, Quality Management, and Project Management (Ned Hamson). PART THREE. BUILDING A HIGH-PERFORMANCE PROJECT TEAM. A Model for Building Teamwork (Elaine Biech). Discipline: The Glue That Holds It All Together (Neal Whitten). Virtual Team Critical Success Factors (Deborah L. Duarte and Nancy Tennant Snyder). PART FOUR. MANAGING THE PROJECT-BASED ORGANIZATION. Stage-GateTM New Product Development Processes: A Game Plan from Idea to Launch (Robert G. Cooper). Enterprise Project Management: The Path to Maturity (Denis Couture). Creating an Environment for Successful Project in Your Organization (Robert J. Graham and Randall L. Englund). Integrating Projects Management into the Enterprise (Eric Verzuh). Index.
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