SAGE Handbook of Environmental Change

SAGE Handbook of Environmental Change

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INTRODUCTION Background to the Science of Environmental Change - John A. Matthews, Patrick J. Bartlein, Keith R. Briffa, Alastair G. Dawson, Anne De Vernal, Tim Denham, Sherilyn C. Fritz and Frank Oldfield PART ONE: APPROACHES TO UNDERSTANDING ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE Philosophical and Methodological Perspectives on the Science of Environmental Change - Stephan Harrison Direct Observation and Monitoring of Climate and Related Environmental Change - Keith D. Alverson Reconstructing and Inferring Past Environmental Change - Frank M. Chambers Dating Environmental Change and Reconstructing Chronologies - Mike J.C. Walker Modelling Environmental Change and Developing Future Projections - Reto Knutti Approaches to Understanding Long-Term Human-Environment Interaction - John A. Dearing Past, Present and Future PART TWO: EVIDENCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE AND THE GEO-ECOLOGICAL RESPONSE Environmental Change in the Geological Record - Jane E. Francis, Alan M. Haywood, Daniel Hill, Paul Marwick and Claire Mcdonald Evidence of Environmental Change from the Coastal and Marine Realm - Ian D. Goodwin and William R. Howard Evidence of Environmental Change from the Cryosphere - Shawn Marshall Evidence of Environmental Change from Terrestrial Palaeohydrology - Wim Hoek Evidence of Environmental Change from Terrestrial and Freshwater Palaeoecology - Alison J. Smith Evidence of Environmental Change from Aeolian and Hillslope Sediments and Other Terrestrial Sources - Joseph A. Mason Environmental Change and Archaeological Evidence - Tim Denham Evidence of Environmental Change from Annually-Resolved Proxies With Particular Reference to Dendroclimatology and the Last Millennium - Eugene R. Wahl and David Frank Early-Instrumental and Documentary Evidence of Environmental Change - Cary J. Mock PART THREE: CAUSES, MECHANISMS AND DYNAMICS OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE Plate Tectonics, Continental Drift, Vulcanism and Mountain Building - Paul Bishop Extraterrestrial Causes of Environmental Catastrophes - Elisabetta Pierazzo and H. Jay Melosh Astronomical Theory and Orbital Forcing - Andre Berger Millennial-Scale Climatic Events during the Last Glacial Episode - Siwan M. Davies and Anders Svensson Solar and Volcanic Forcing of Decadal- to Millennial-Scale Climatic Variations - Raimund Muscheler and Eric Fischer Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions on Interannual to Decadal Timescales - Mathias Vuille and Rene D. Garreaud Responses of Biogeochemical Cycles in the Sea to Environmental Change - Thomas F. Pedersen and Rainer Zahn Anthropogenic Drivers of Environmental Change - Jemma L. Gornall, andrew J. Wiltshire and Richard A. Betts PART FOUR: KEY ISSUES OF HUMAN-INDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES AND THEIR IMPACTS Monitoring of Global Land-Cover - Sietse O. Los and Jamie Williams Human Impacts on Terrestrial Biota and Ecosystems - Craig Miller and Iain Gordon Human Impacts on Lacustrine Ecosystems - Richard W. Battarbee, Helen Bennion, Peter Gell and Neil Rose Human Impacts on Coastal and Marine Geo-Ecosystems - Ben Daley Human Impacts on the Atmosphere - Kevin J. Noone PART FIVE: PATTERNS, PROCESSES AND IMPACTS OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE AT THE REGIONAL SCALE Environmental Change in the Humid Tropics and Monsoonal Regions - Mark Bush and Will D. Gosling Environmental Change in the Arid and Semi-Arid Regions - Yang Xiaoping Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Region - Mira Bar-Matthews Environmental Change in the Temperate Forested Regions - Matt Mcglone, Jamie Wood and Patrick J. Bartlein Environmental Change in the Temperate Grasslands and Steppe - Pavel E. Tarasov, John W. Williams, Jed O. Kaplan, Hermann OEsterle, Tatiana V. Kuznetsova and Mayke Wagner Environmental Change in the Arctic and Antarctic - Marianne S.V. Douglas Environmental Change in Mountain Regions - Martin Beniston Environmental Change in Coastal Areas and Islands - Patrick Nunn PART SIX: RESPONSES OF PEOPLE TO ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE AND IMPLICATIONS FOR SOCIETY Testing the Role of Climate Change in Human Evolution - S.P.E. Blockley, I. Candy and S.M. Blockley The Origins and Spread of Early Agriculture and Domestication - Deborah Pearsall and Peter W. Stahl Environmental and Cultural Considerations Complexity, Causality and Collapse - Georgina Endfield Social Discontinuity in History and Prehistory Vulnerability and Resilience of Contemporary Societies to Environmental Change - Donald R. Nelson Disease, Human and Animal Health, and Environmental Change - Matthew Baylis and Andrew P. Morse Policy and Management Options for the Mitigation of Environmental Change - Katie Moon and Chris Cocklin Socio-Economic Adaptation to Environmental Change - Chris J. Barrow Towards Sustainable Development
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