Traumatic Relationships & Serious Mental Disorders

Traumatic Relationships & Serious Mental Disorders

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List of Tables and Figures. About the Author. Foreword--Peter Fonagy. Preface. DEVELOPMENTAL FOUNDATIONS. A Developmental Approach to Trauma. Trauma in Attachment Relationships. Attachment, Relationships, and Reenactment. The Traumatized Self. TRAUMA-RELATED DISORDERS. PTSD and Traumatic Memories. Trauma as Chronic Physical Illness. Dissociative Detachment and Compartmentalization. Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, and Self-Harm. Post-Traumatic Depression. Post-Traumatic Personality Disorders. TREATMENT AND LONG-TERM MANAGEMENT. Containing Trauma. Narrating Trauma. Psychoeducational Approaches. Therapists At Risk. References. Index.
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