Child Psychology - Development in a Changing Society 5e (WSE)

Child Psychology - Development in a Changing Society 5e (WSE)

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Part I. Understanding the Contexts of Child Development. 1. Frameworks for Development. 2. Studying Child Development and its Contexts. 3. The Biological Context of Development. Part II. Contexts of Physical Development. 4. Prenatal Development, Birth, and the Newborn. 5. Early Capacities in Infancy. 6. The Brain, Physical Growth, and Health. Part III Contexts of Cognitive Development. 7. Piaget and Vygotsky. 8. Information Processing and Core Knowledge Approaches. 9. Intelligence and Schooling. 10. Language and Communication. Part IV. Contexts of Social and Emotional Development. 11. Social and Emotional Worlds of Infants and Young Children. 12. Self and Identity. 13. Sex Differences and Gender Role Development. 14. Moral Development. 15. Relationships with Peers. 16. Families and Society.
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