Ethical Practice in Early Childhood

Ethical Practice in Early Childhood

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Introduction: Towards an Understanding of Ethical Practice in Early Childhood - Ioanna Palaiologou PART 1 - ETHICAL ISSUES IN RESEARCH Involving Young Children in Research - Donna Green Ethical Praxis When Choosing Research Tools for Use With Children under Five - Ioanna Palaiologou Ethics in Researching Children with Special Educational Needs - Cheryl Ellis and Gary Beauchamp Ethical Research with Children and Vulnerable Groups - Colette Gray Ethical Researching in Other Cultures - Ioanna Palaiologou PART 2 - ETHICAL ISSUES IN POLICY AND PRACTICE Ethics and Policy and Every Child Matters - Barry Powell Ethics in Multi-Agency Working - Ioanna Palaiologou Loss, Bereavement and Ethics - Sarah James Ethics in Studying Early Years - Gary Beauchamp and Chantelle Haughton Safeguarding Young Children - Bronagh McKee Ethics When Inspecting Early Years Practice - Judi Williamson Ethical Leadership in Early Years Settings - Trevor Male
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