No More Kidney Stones

No More Kidney Stones


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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT KIDNEY STONES. The Kidney Stone Boom. The Urinary System. How Your Kidneys Balance Your Body. Not All Kidney Stones Are Created Equal. How and Why Kidney Stones Form. Why Kidney Stones Are So Painful. How Much Water Do I Really Have to Drink? Dietary Troublemakers. Medical Conditions That Can Cause Kidney Stones. Dieting Your Way to a Kidney Stone. Men and Stones. Women and Stones. The Workup. THE PLAN. No More Kidney Stones. Finding the Diet That is Right for You. Lifestyles of the Kidney Stone Former. Operation Oxalate. Modifying Recipes and Controlling Portions. Health Food Store Hazards. Special Occasions: Parties and Other Excuses to Cheat. Ethnic Cuisines. Staying Motivated. MEDICINES, SPECIALISTS, AND PROCEDURES. TREATMENT. Choosing a Specialist. Medications. Technology: Old and New. Appendices. Bibliography. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.
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