High-performance Oracle

High-performance Oracle

Proven Methods for Achieving Optimum Performance and Availability

Ingram, G.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd








Oracle is the leading vendor of database software, with about 50 per cent of the worldwide market. The software is essential for supporting mission-critical applications, online and off, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This work provides coverage of advanced techniques for both performance and availability.
Dedication.Acknowledgements.Introduction.PART ONE: FUNDAMENTALS OF AN ORACLE CONFIGURATION.Chapter 1- Installing Oracle.Chapter 2- Database Creation.Chapter 3- Configuring Oracle Networking.Chapter 4- Environment Standards and Tools.Chapter 5- Securing your Database.PART TWO: DESIGNING FAST AND SUPPORTABLE APPLICATIONS.Chapter 6- Designing Supportable Applications.Chapter 7- Choosing Third Party Software.PART THREE: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND TUNING TECHNIQUES.Chapter 8- End-to-End Performance Management.Chapter 9- Fundamentals of SQL Tuning.Chapter 10- Collecting and Using Optimizer Statistics.Chapter 11- Partitioning.Chapter 12- Managing Indexes.Chapter 13- Managing Space Growth.Chapter 14- Stress Testing and Benchmarks.Chapter 15- Server Consolidation and Resource Management.Chapter 16- Selecting and Using Performance Management Tools.PART FOUR: Backup, Restore, and Recovery.Chapter 17- Fundamentals of Oracle Recovery.Chapter 18- Backup and Recovery Using RMAN.Chapter 19- Backup and Restore Using Export and Import.PART FIVE: HIGH AVAILABILITY SOLUTIONS.Chapter 20- VERITAS High Availability for Oracle.Chapter 21- Oracle Replication.Chapter 22- Oracle Real Application Clusters.Chapter 23- Protecting Data Using Standby Databases.PART SIX: Maintaining the Oracle System.Chapter 24- Guidelines for Healthchecks and Monitoring.Chapter 25- Auditing Techniques.Chapter 26- Migration and Upgrade.Chapter 27- Working Effectively with Oracle Support.Chapter 28- Troubleshooting Oracle DBMS Problems.Index.
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